Sofa’s printen met Searious Business

Samen met Searious Business werkt MVG Design aan een sofa die volledig gemaakt is van gerecycled materiaal.

“Everyone said my ambitions were high – maybe too high. Many experts in the plastics industry and science said it couldn’t be done. The time wasn’t right yet.

But we don’t have time any more. We need to get our act together. Our ocean is cluttered with plastics. Marine life is suffering, and so will we as it comes back to us. That is why I went against all odds. Got innovators, creative thinkers and bright minds to think with me. To name but a few: TU Delft, Marcelvangalen Design, Wittenburg, 10XL, QCP and Van Drenth. And Gispen, as a launching customer.

Today, the outcomes of 6 months hard work will be presented. We just finished 3D printing a sofa out of recycled plastics. A new mix of recycled plastics, to be precise. Plastic packaging is one of the major sources of the plastics soup. And now one of the key ingredients to our recipe.

I wouldn’t say this is the solution to prevent plastic soup. There is no silver bullet. But it’s a step. Hopefully, it will inspire others to get involved.”

– Willemijn Peters, Searious Business

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