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Help us solve the microplastics problem!

Together with a number of partners from the business community, within the government and the scientific world, MarcelvangalenDesign has been developing a Microplastics IoT filter for the washing machine for two years now.

Per wash, about 10 to 20 million microfibres from our clothes end up in the water. Eventually these fibres enter the food chain and pose a threat to public health. To prevent this MarcelvangalenDesign has developed an Add-On for the washing machine.

The Research & Development collaboration project has been completed. This shows that, if there is an additional R&D budget, we will be able to deliver a fully and thoroughly tested prototype next year that can filter 70 to 90% of the microfibres from the washing water.
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Would you like to help?

Because this innovation on the one hand solves a major social problem and on the other hand creates great opportunities with new business and revenue models, we are looking for organisations that want to help us make a difference.

We would like to enter into cooperation with parties that take their social responsibility and want to help us with the further development and production of the washing machine filter. This can be done by sharing knowledge, using the network or contributing financially to the development.

More information about who already contributes to a better world and a healthy future for our children can be found at

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